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Sneaker Freaker. The Ultimate Sneaker Book



About the Book

The first magazine of its kind, Sneaker Freaker has been at the forefront of the global sneaker scene for nearly two decades. With over 650 redesigned pages, fresh photography, immense historical detail, and otaku-level minutiae, this anthology combines the magazine's finest and content created exclusively for TASCHEN into one big celebration of sneakers.

Book Synopsis

Back in 2002, Simon "Woody" Wood was dreaming up schemes to get free sneakers. Two weeks later, he was the proud owner of Sneaker Freaker and his life was never the same.

From its early roots as a punk-style fanzine to today's super-slick print and online operations, the fiercely independent publication has documented every collab, custom, limited edition, retro reissue, Quickstrike, Hyperstrike, and Tier Zero sneaker released over the last 15 years.

Woody's original premise that Sneaker Freaker would be "funny and serious, meaningful and pointless at the same time" has certainly been vindicated in The Ultimate Sneaker Book. With more than 650 pages jam-packed with insider knowledge and his own irreverent observations, the insane historical detail and otaku-level minutiae is beyond obsessive.

Traversing 100 years of history, each chapter paints a rollicking picture of the sneaker industry's evolution. Air Max, Air Force, Adi Dassler, Converse, Kanye, Dapper Dan, Dee Brown, Michael Jordan, and Yeezy--along with obscure treasures like Troop, Airwalk, and Vision Street Wear--are all exhaustively documented.

This is a definitive source of knowledge. Keep your laces loose!

Review Quotes

"... a 650-page bible on all things in trainer culture."-- "Esquire"

"...a must for crep lovers with space in their bookshelves and not enough space in their wardrobes."-- "VICE"

"A coffee table classic for rubber sole obsessives."-- "The Guardian"

"A 650-page tome that is filled with facts, observations and insider knowledge about a craze that doesn't appear to be subsiding anytime soon."-- "forbes.com"

"The most definitive sneaker culture magazine on the planet!"-- "MTV"

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